Baby Cubs Daycare Will Remain Open

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A Reliable Place for Safety and Development
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The mission of Baby Cubs Daycare, Inc. is to provide high-quality childcare that parents can trust and children can rely on.

Baby Cubs Daycare, Inc. is dedicated to providing a warm and inviting atmosphere that allows children to develop at their own pace.  We believe that children should possess a positive self-image to keep them motivated in reaching their endeavors. Thus, we will foster that image alongside their intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development through various activities. This way, Baby Cubs Daycare, Inc. would be instrumental in the development and mentoring of children in the community.

We at Baby Cubs Daycare, Inc. are firmly committed to providing parents with a reasonable assurance of reliability, safety, and a productive environment for their children.  Our programs make use of many play and learning materials that help the children gain confidence in their abilities to do and make things.  At Baby Cubs Daycare, Inc., we are parent-friendly.  We welcome parent visits anytime, and we will seriously consider all suggestions and comments.


Sawudat Abraham is the Owner & Director of Baby Cubs Daycare and Learning Center. She began this journey 11 years ago when she started having her own children. Sawudat has 3 children ages 8, 10 & 13. Owning a daycare center was her dream at age 18. Sawudat holds an MPA, BA in Business Management and a Child Development Associate(CDA). Presently, she is MAT certified to administer medication for Baby Cubs Daycare. And as a certified EMS Safety Instructor, Sawudat trains her staff in CPR/First Aid. Baby Cubs Daycare and Learning Center provides childcare for children ages 6weeks to 12 years old. Sawudat strives to provide quality childcare that parents can trust and children can rely on.

Our Location

Baby Cubs Daycare, Inc. is located in Rochelle, NY.